Reblogging Eat Clean Eat Green’s Podcast

Hey guys! In addition to the video I produced about social media and best practices for working online, I’ve collaborated with two blogs–Eat Clean Eat Green and Easy Bites–to further promote and drive traffic to the Rutgers Future Scholars Program. Here I’ve reblogged the content produced by Eat Clean Eat Green, which is a podcast detailing some different vegan meals for the Scholars to make when in a hurry.

Eat Clean Eat Green advocates vegeterian and vegan lifestyles that are free from preservatives and protect the saftey and well-being of animals. In the podcast, Eat Clean Eat Green editor Danielle Bocchino keeps with a Mexican theme and walks Scholars through the cooking process for a making a salad, soup, and full dinner. The first recipe is for a Mexican chopped salad with peppers and a chipotle dressing. Next, Danielle lays out the steps for cooking up a split pea and quinoa soup, which is especially good for cold days. Finally, she goes through the process for cooking vegetarian stuffed peppers, which are hearty enough to enjoy for dinner. By offering a variety of different recipes, Danielle is sure that there’s a meal that every Scholar will love in her podcast!

Remember to head over to the Rutgers Future Scholars website, where there’s more info on the program we’ve focused our collaborative campaign on. Also, you can find details on how to donate and get involved. The RFS Program has guided over 1,800 kids to success in school, so I strongly encourage you to donate or become a Mentor to a child. Feel free to also check out the additional content that Sportscaster Central and Easy Bites have produced to help the Scholars excel throughout high school and into college.

Thank you so much for your support of the Rutgers Future Scholars and our collaborative campaign, and I hope you enjoy our content!


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