Some Exciting News!

bannertop2Hey everyone! It’s Dominick again, the founder and editor of Sportscaster Central. I’m really excited to announce that, for the next couple weeks, I will be teaming up with Easy Bites and Eat Clean Eat Green to publish a collaborative campaign! Because all of our sites address some form of education, we plan to produce a series of podcasts and screencasts that will provide lessons, reviews, and information about the incredible Rutgers Future Scholars Program. The RFS Program works with underprivileged, high-achieving students in four New Jersey cities (New Brunswick, Piscataway, Newark, and Camdem) to educate them and provide them with enrichment programs throughout high school.

Here at Sportscaster Central, we’ll be creating a video on social media education, a topic that is as valuable to a sportscaster as it is to a young high school student venturing onto Twitter for the first time. We’ll also be republishing some great guest posts by our partners,¬†who will be producing additional¬†content targeted towards the incredible young kids in the RFS Program. Our ultimate goal is to raise donations for the program and to encourage people to sign up and be a mentor for a Future Scholar. So, stay tuned to Sportscaster Central, Easy Bites, and Eat Clean Eat Green as our campaign unfolds, and visit the Rutgers Future Scholars Program to learn about all the awesome things the next leaders of our country are doing!